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Scott Middleton scott at linuxit.com.au
Thu Apr 29 08:20:36 WST 2004

On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 00:58, George Raphael wrote:
> So in conclusion...
> Do you recommend an Xbox be used as a server/gateway for email, web, traffic
> counting?
The PLUG Xbox www.plug.linux.org.au has been running continuously since
we donated it in December 2002. Back then we had to hardwire a complete
BIOS onto it thanks to Harry. It has never crashed only been rebooted a
couple of times because i had to move it. So in my opinion the
components are quite surprisingly reliable.

> I currently use a Pentium 133 and that works fine... but the only concern is
> the reliability of the system. Is the Xbox more reliable than an old PC?
> Hence, could I install it in a customers location (which could be out in the
> sticks) and forget about it... knowing it will always be on and collecting
> data?
I don't think it is legal to mod them anymore (in Australia). As far as
i am aware the only way to have a Linux only Xbox is to solder on 1 wire
to 2 points. Which may be considered Mod'ing. So i would check on the
legality. You can run Linux using the save game hack but in the case of
a power cycle it wont boot into Linux.

Yes i know you can get it mod'ed at the local mod shop and i really
don't know why they are allowed but it still doesn't mean its legal.
Especially if you are going to on-sell possibly illegal machines to

> Cheers
> G.
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> If you ever plug it into the "live" network there is a "dashboard" update
> that will stop you from being able to use the mem card hacks... (I guess if
> its new enough then they'll come from the shop with the "dashboard" update)
> Then you need to mod it..
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> >Russ Powers wrote:
> >| Geez, $249 for an xbox. How hard is it to put linux on one of them?
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> >| Thanks.
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> >Pretty easy these day apparently..
> >
> >
> >http://xbox-linux.sourceforge.net/
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> >
> >Matt and Harry massaged the LinuxIT donated one aaagggges ago, but these
> >days I believe a mod chip is not required (just a hacked saved game on a
> >memory cartridge).

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