[plug] rooted routing :(

bob bob at fots.org.au
Thu Apr 29 12:04:40 WST 2004

Thanks for following up :).

On Wednesday 28 April 2004 22:37, Dean Holland wrote:
> I guess the only other things to check would be that the gateway is not
> NAT'ing traffic out eth1 (unless you're NAT'ing twice) and if that's the
> case make sure the NB1300 has a route to 192.168.0.x via the gateway
> machine.
> ie say eth1 is
> On the NB1300 there would be a route
> via (not sure how to do this on it
> sorry - never used one!)

Yep, done that . Nothing  :(

> and on the gateway you'd set it's default gateway to the address of the
> NB1300
> UG 0 0 eth1

Yep ditto.

> If that's how you've set it up it should work. The only thing I can
> think of is that the NB1300 doesn't want to do NAT outside of the subnet
> specified on it's network interface.

That would suck rocks if thats the case :(. Hopefully not.

> Dean

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