[plug] Video Capture Card

Steve Baker steve at iinet.net.au
Sun Aug 1 12:00:59 WST 2004

Perth Linux Users Group wrote:
> Hi
> This is my first post to the group, so a big gday to all :o)
> Does anyone have any experience with the MiroVideo DC30+ on Lunix ?
> Its a Zoran based PCI card with quite limited support from its IP 
> owners, pinnacle-sys.com
> Apart from that, its a broadcast quality analog capture device.
> Which distro would be best?
> Also if there are any driver resources that would be good also.
> I'm considering running Cinelerra <http://cinelerra.org/> to set up a 
> network rendering scenario.
> Cheers,
> Douglas

Hi Doug,

I have this card, although I have never tried to run it on Linux.  I did 
some research a while back and while it is a Zoran card, it is a 
different model chip to the one or two Zoran chips supported by the 
Linux drivers.  I found someone who had started work on a driver 
specifically for the DC30+, but I never found a finished one.  This was 
a few years back though.

You might find that the standard Linux zoran driver may work, if so I'd 
be interested in hearing about it.  You would need to install the kernel 
sources if you haven't already, configure and compile the kernel module 
and load it - any distro would have the driver.


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