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Thanks Steve,

I'll keep you updated as I (slowly) make progress.

Incidentally, I have found that this particular card gives all sorts of
driver errors, until one day I installed it in my Athlon machine. The Mobo
is an MSI 6378 ver2.0, and *was* running an athlon 1400 (not an athlonXP)
until i fried it the other day in an attempt to install a quieter cpu fan.
You live and learn. If you don't learn.. well... [insert humour here].

Anyway, the DC30+ ran perfectly in this board, and I think it might have
something to do with the fact that theres no AGP slot on this mobo; thats
just my guess. The last time I actually had it ruinning smoothly before this
was on my 'olde crumbly' 200MMX board which also lacked an AGP slot.

Oh, I'm talking Win2000 here btw.

Anyways, back on to things Linux (so I dont get flamed for 'off topic' =8P)

I have struggled to find a (stable) Non-Linear Video Editing program for the
doze that has all the features I'd like. Premiere's good but lacks the
ability to export an AVI using an MP3 codec. I dont quite see the point in
having a music video file that has an audio stream the same size as the
video stream, keeping in mind that it's a MUSIC video, the sound is quite
important esp if you want to run it thru a big amp. Using AIST's MoviePack I
have successfully rendered AVIs that are about 35mb with an MP3 Audio track,
video codec was XVid. These play very very nicely indeed, but I'm not real
keen on the interface. Seem to spend a lot of time phutzing about trying to
do something that I consider a faily simple task. Trim video, audio fade
in/out, fade from black & to black, render using XVid & Lame.

The ability to set up a 'render farm' is also something I'm very keen on,
and Cinelerra seems to have all the fruit...

My preference so far is SuSE ... and 'installing the kernel sources' etc is
not terminology I'm all that familiar with...

I have a lot of doze knowledge but theres a few things i havent had a
straight answer for yet regarding Linux...

Such as...

Is there a registry ? if not, whats the equivalent concept ?  << shoot me if
i'm way off target here
What exactly is the kernel ? (dont say its the brain of linux i kinda get
that already =8P, i need to understand how other (sub) systems relate to the
Is there a driver manager thingo like 'device manager' in doze ?
What are the key differences conceptually between the architechture of Linux
and the doze ?

Well if you've read this far, thanks !


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> Perth Linux Users Group wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > This is my first post to the group, so a big gday to all :o)
> >
> > Does anyone have any experience with the MiroVideo DC30+ on Lunix ?
> >
> > Its a Zoran based PCI card with quite limited support from its IP
> > owners, pinnacle-sys.com
> >
> > Apart from that, its a broadcast quality analog capture device.
> >
> > Which distro would be best?
> >
> > Also if there are any driver resources that would be good also.
> >
> > I'm considering running Cinelerra <http://cinelerra.org/> to set up a
> > network rendering scenario.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Douglas
> >
> Hi Doug,
> I have this card, although I have never tried to run it on Linux.  I did
> some research a while back and while it is a Zoran card, it is a
> different model chip to the one or two Zoran chips supported by the
> Linux drivers.  I found someone who had started work on a driver
> specifically for the DC30+, but I never found a finished one.  This was
> a few years back though.
> You might find that the standard Linux zoran driver may work, if so I'd
> be interested in hearing about it.  You would need to install the kernel
> sources if you haven't already, configure and compile the kernel module
> and load it - any distro would have the driver.
> Regards,
> Steve
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