[plug] Customer wants to move away from Windows but...

Bernd Felsche bernie at innovative.iinet.net.au
Sun Aug 1 18:21:20 WST 2004

On Sunday 01 August 2004 15:33, chris wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-08-01 at 15:06, Craig Ringer wrote:

> Another interesting difference is the difference in licensing. If you
> had an employer that wanted to use a UNIX-like operating system for an
> embedded project (that would be sold on the open market) you may decide
> to go with something like NetBSD if your boss has no intention of
> distributing the changes in the source code. This way you avoid
> violating the GPL.

Which part of GPL requires that you reveal the source code of
derivative works, or those which use GPL'd functionality?

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