[plug] UI idea

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Mon Dec 20 15:11:36 WST 2004

Chris Caston wrote:

> Has anyone ever considered having a check box next to each file? When
> you tick the check box file is selected. When you untick it the file is
> deselected. You could also have a "select all" button.

What you describe is remarkably similar to what Norton Commander used
to do (and its Linux clone, Midnight Commander, does something like it
too).  You select a file and hit "insert" and it places a little tick
next to it and moves down to the next file.  "*" would toggle the
tickedness of all files in the directory.  I'm pretty sure there was a
way of marking files that matched a particular regexp too.  If any
files were ticked, operations like copy, move and delete would then
use all of the ticked files instead of (as well as?) the one currently


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