[plug] Tux tatoo

Adam Hewitt ahewitt at globaldial.com
Mon Feb 2 07:56:56 WST 2004

> Ew.. go to a real tattoo Shop please people.. I don't like hearing of
> anyone
> going to such bad places...
> Reliable and safe.. with a guaruntee (come back for free touch ups if
> happens to fade etc).. go to Art Attack Tattoos & Body Piercing..
> Canning Hwy, East Fremantle     talk to a guy named Steve Butler or
> Randall   the best in the west

"real tatto shop"?? what crack have you been smoking? I can only assume
you mean that the tattoo shop is one of the "stalls" in the markets?
Which is true, but if you go to the other side (where the markets is in
a building) then you will find their "real" shop is behind the car park.
It is actually a really nice, clean shop too unlike a lot of others I
have been to.

And they do offer free touch ups etc.


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