[plug] Removed packages in sid by accident and now they won't come back

Sham Chukoury chukoury at arach.net.au
Wed Jun 2 13:57:44 WST 2004

On Tue, 2004-06-01 at 23:56, caston at arach.net.au wrote:
> Hello, 
> I run Debian Sid and was silly enough to do a apt-get dist-upgrade to try and fix gnumeric. 
> It told me what it was going to do and I pressed Y without reading it. I am very silly. 
> It removed evolution, gtkhtml3.0, libgtkhtml3.0, libgal2.0-common, libgal2.06, gnumeric, 
> gnumeric-common, libgnomeprintui2.2-0, libgnomeprint2.2-0 
> I'm most spewing about evolution.  

Actually, something similar has happened here.. apt had been threatening
to remove the packages you mentioned above, on my system, for a while..
So last night I decided to see if it could be resolved.. Somehow, KDE
packages got taken out, and now, kdelibs can't be installed. This means
I can't have any KDE apps, such as konqueror (my favourite file manager)
installed. :(

Looking at the dependencies for kdelibs, it seems that a change of names
for the CUPS packages is responsible for the breakage.. Hopefully the
Debian package maintainers will have this fixed soon. :P


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