[plug] maillog errors

Martin marty at supine.com
Fri Jun 4 16:11:45 WST 2004

$quoted_author = "Jon  Miller" ;
> Just came back from the site and we did what you mention unfortunately
> this did not help.  I also noticed that named is running and cannot
> load due to the same permissions denied error.

it still sounds like the user the daemons are running as not having
permission to read the files. check the directory permissions (need to
be at least r_x for the daemon user) and file permissions (need to be at
least r__ for the daemon user).

if you want us to double check this, show us the output of:

ps aux | grep 'sendmail\|named'

and an ls -l of the relevant files and directories. 

> Just a question if the user issued a chmod with no parameters will
> chmod apply or change any permissions.  I had a look at the history
> log and saw this command issued.

it shouldn't change anything. chmod requires at least two arguements,
the mode to change the permissions to and the file(s) to apply it to.


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