[plug] Easy Mount

Brock Woolf ultima160 at iinet.net.au
Mon Jun 7 01:16:43 WST 2004

On Sun, 2004-06-06 at 20:56, Cameron Patrick wrote:
> Brock Woolf wrote:
> | As of late i have been getting tired of typing
> | $ su
> | password
> You can mount things without being root by specifying the 'user'
> option for the mount in /etc/fstab.  e.g.:
> /dev/sda1       /usb            vfat    user,noauto,umask=0,showexec,quiet      0       0
> | mount -t smbfs -username=root,password=password //
> | /home/brock/server
> You can mount arbitrary smb shares without being root, using smbmount.  e.g.:
> smbmount //euclid/cameron ~/mnt -o username=cameron,password=
> (Aside: if you mount a Samba share on a recent Linux system, you see a
> full Unixy filesystem which supports symbolic links and file
> permissions and other goodness.)
> | Is there anyway that I can create something so I can double-click on a
> | Link or file to do this for me, the same goes for unmounting them.
> Probably.  I think KDE and Gnome both allow you to place links on the
> desktop that correspond to user-mountable devices in /etc/fstab.

Thanks Cameron, i'll try the fstab thing but i'll search google for
something along the double-click idea i have


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