[plug] Firefox 0.9 is out

Dean Holland speedster at westnet.com.au
Wed Jun 16 09:29:11 WST 2004


The Mozilla section of the mirror is mirrored daily in the early


On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 23:14, Matthew Prouse wrote:
> The latest version of Mozilla Firefox has been released. It's available  
>  from mozilla.org and select mirrors. I can't find it on any australian  
> mirrors just yet - but I imagine it'll be there by morning.
> First Impressions: I suddenly love Opera even more :P It's sporting a new  
> default theme called "Winstripe" and it is as ugly as it sounds in my  
> opinion. I'm sure it looks great with the Fischer-Price Luna XP - but on  
> my crystalized Mandrake desktop: it's just butt ugly.
> It's still a wonderful product. And, you can make it look a lot better if  
> you hate Winstripe as much as me.
> mousematt :-)

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