[plug] plug mailing list vs Forum

hooker at iinet.net.au hooker at iinet.net.au
Fri Jun 25 06:13:15 WST 2004

Quoting johnmorcos <johnmorcos at westnet.com.au>:
> hi i have recently joined the mailing list and as much as i enjoy its
> nature really find it time consuming wading through all the emails. 

Plug gets a few emails, yes, but most mail readers allow you to skip messages 
based on subject, so for me at any rate, it's not a problem.

> I was wondering what everyone thought about us having a forum instead
> of a mailing list.
> i think that the mailing list should only be used for say the topic
> of the day or mass announcements etc.
> i dunno i find it easier just to spend time concentrating on whats
> important for me at this point in time so im not fishing around. not
> that fishing around and reading things that i wouldnt generally read
> is bad or something i dont do already.
> i just find that with the archive abilities of a forum i can use it
> more like a library of information that i can search a topic 

Realistically, I'd never use a forum. Emails I can read in a few spare minutes 
during the day, or trawl through in bulk in the evening and morning before 
work. I'd vote heavily for keeping the system as is.


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