[plug] Network card works yesterday, not today

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Sat Jun 26 20:51:05 WST 2004

William Kenworthy wrote:

| The ifconfig was to see if its similar to a bug I tripped over a few
| wees back where the link type wasnt set for a 3com card.  Kernel update
| fixed it but this is not the case here.


| The irq *may* be a problem - though its usually windoze that cant sort
| it out.

Okay, I think I can disprove this theory too :-/  I went to the BIOS
and told it that a PCI card was using IRQ 10; then it allocated IRQ 5
to the Ethernet card.  Still no luck.  I booted into the Debian
installer and again, it found the network card but wouldn't talk to
the network.  /proc/interrupts said it was the only device using IRQ 5.


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