[plug] Postfix Problems again (Spam Originating frommy mailserver)

Ben Jensz plug at jensz.id.au
Fri Dec 2 09:02:39 WST 2005

If you've found the cause of the problem, I'd be removing that feature 
until you upgrade it to a non-vulnerable version or otherwise securing 
it.  It'll get exploited again (probably late at night when you're 
asleep), and all it's going to end up doing is getting your IP address 
blacklisted by spam detection lists, irrespective of whether you're an 
open relay or not.

/ Ben

Shannon Carver wrote:

>I sat up last night (midnight seems so late nowadays), just to see if
>anything changed as the time ticked over, and all seems well.  I've had
>a quick look at that vulnerability and it seems on the money, I'm not
>quire sure how it applies to becoming a spam bot.
>I'll watch it over the next few days, and keep everyone updated (If
>we're interested), and make sure I monitor rogue processes.
>Thanks all

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