[plug] GAM SERVER - chkrootkit ?

Ranime ranime at westnet.com.au
Fri Dec 2 10:56:29 WST 2005

Googled, read but not understood...  I think I need help....

Two Questions  here :

1. My Mandriva 10.2 (LE2005) and 2006 boxes  have two instances of
KPM shows one for 'root' and one for the 'user' as sleeping.
trying to 'KILL' is not allowed and they they momentarily show as 

can someone please let me know what 'GAM SERVER' is used for on 
Mandriva ? 

2. Both boxes when checked with 'chkrootkit' show 

again, googling this appears that this may not be a hacked machine, but 
a clash between an older chkrootkit 0.43 and the newer kernel 
can someone please confirm this please ,
has anyone got a solution if needed , or have seen this before ?

The  10.2 box has been used for a long while but the 2006 box has only 
just been created in the last week, the only net connection was for ftp 
from mirror.pacific for updates
 and the complete contents of 'main media'  
no web or email etc have been used , and no servers should be running 
and both machines are behind a nat enabled ADSL and swiched  eth 

TIA for any useful advise.
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