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I downloaded Knoppix 4.0.2 using wget.  2 restarts were required, one
because of a disconnect, and the other disk full.  The md5sum check
failed, so I tried again.  One restart needed.  Again the md5sum check

The 2 copies are the same according to cmp.

Is there a problem with wget or the way I'm using it?
     wget --limit-rate=20k --input-file=/home/jim/wget-in
     wget --limit-rate=20k --input-file=/home/jim/wget-in -c
to continue.

Or is there an md5sum problem, like wrong version or something?


Rsync is your friend... It works by comparing and then downloading the differences between your file and the server's.
Simple explanation at http://contribs.org/modules/phpwiki/index.php/SME%20Server%20Rsync
Where are you downloading Knoppix from?

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