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Jim Householder <nofixed at westnet.com.au> wrote: Craig Foster wrote:
> ?
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> Hi
> I downloaded Knoppix 4.0.2 using wget.  2 restarts were required, one
> because of a disconnect, and the other disk full.  The md5sum check
> failed, so I tried again.  One restart needed.  Again the md5sum check
> failed.
> The 2 copies are the same according to cmp.
> Is there a problem with wget or the way I'm using it?
>      wget --limit-rate=20k --input-file=/home/jim/wget-in
> and
>      wget --limit-rate=20k --input-file=/home/jim/wget-in -c
> to continue.
> Or is there an md5sum problem, like wrong version or something?
> Jim
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> Rsync is your friend... It works by comparing and then downloading the differences between your file and the server's.
> Simple explanation at http://contribs.org/modules/phpwiki/index.php/SME%20Server%20Rsync
> Where are you downloading Knoppix from?
> CraigF.
Thanks for the replies.

I will look into rsync again.  The last time I tried to use it, it 
wanted to fetch entire files that differed, not just the differing parts.

I burned a CD and tried to use it on 3 computers.  Same result.  As 
knoppix booted, RAM was detected correctly (256M, 768M, 1G).  However 
kdeinit failed, saying it needed at least 84M.

The first 1.9 tries were from http://mirror/pacific.net.au.  I was 
unable to continue the second try (connection refused) so I continued 
with a European site from the knoppix mirror list.

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