[plug] urgent questions about 64bit and hardware...

Senectus . senectus at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 11:23:01 WST 2005

I've just had my PC cook the CPU for no reason (Barton 2800) and I'm
now in urgent need of new hardware.
I'd rather keep my costs low so I'd like to keep my AGP Nvidia 6600GT
card and IDE hard drives and DVD burner.

But I've noticed now it's either Intel32 or AMD64 now on the market.
Seeing as I'm out of the loop on AMD 64 these days does anyone know if
you can still run Cedega/Wine/crossover office etc on a AMD64 PCU?

Is there any potential problems with installing x86 32bit Linux on a 64bit CPU??
I want to purchase this stuff in the next hour or so, so time is of the essence.

Also is there any other shops like PLE open this weekend that will
sell new CPU/Main boards at decent prices? (I love PLE.. but i still
want a choice)

Thanks for your help guys..

Ubuntu Breezy 5.10
  I will write on a huge cement block "By accepting this brick through
your window, you accept it as it is and agree to my disclaimer of all
warranties, express or implied, as well as disclaimers of all
liability, direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental, that may
arise from the installation of this brick into your building." - PJ

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