[plug] google going down the googler?

Steve Boak sboak at westnet.com.au
Mon Dec 12 20:30:45 WST 2005

Hi all

I seem to be having trouble getting google to give sensible results these days 
- as an example, I'm getting a flood of .gz files with almost every search of 
any sort of linux keywords. I searched for "exim4 listenonpublic" (without 
the quotes), and out of 57 results, about 40 were .gz files two or three 
megabytes in size without any indication of the contents.

Including nonsensical results such as:

File Format: Unrecognized - View as HTML

If the format is unrecognisable, does it make sense to view it as HTML?

I had to try it - clicking on the 'HTML' link gives: "Sorry, no content found 
for this URL".

So the bottom line is, is there any way to tell google to exclude particular 
file types from it's search? 

And is anyone else getting the feeling it's time to find a new search engine?


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