[plug] Myth TV v's PVR & DVD Recorder

William Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Mon Dec 12 23:31:26 WST 2005

It will do what you want and more.

It is a viable replacement for a PVR, but isnt good for live TV, even if
you dont channel flick much (in built buffer that requires a few seconds
to fill means delay).  Reliability is suspect if you dont get good
hardware.  The fusion HDTV DVB-T card is rock solid, but the V4L card I
am feeding foxtel into is causing lockups and other grief.  You need
plenty of grunt too - a T-bird 1.4G is good with the DVB-T, but add the
V4L and its barely adequate: possibly where some of the reliability
problems are coming from.  Noise, even in a living room is a hassle.
Building a quiet PC shouldnt be this hard - buy a quiet power supply,
and cpu fan, and its still noisy (solution being done this weekend: bore
a 20mm hole through the wall and stick it in the outside store room on
the other side :(  Keep in mind this needs to be extreemly quiet, not
just quiet.  On the myth mail list the ideal solution appears to be
diskless, fanless frontends with the backends stuck in the garage ...

In short, geeks love it, appliance jockies wont.


On Mon, 2005-12-12 at 22:42 +0800, Michael Hunt wrote:
> Hiya all,
> While looking at items for the Christmas stocking my wife floated the
> idea of purchasing a DVD recorder in order to enable her to send copies
> of 'Home and Away' to her sister-in-law who will soon be living in a
> remote party of PNG. I started talking to her about the benefits of
> PVR's over DVD Recorders and wondered if I might be able to float the
> idea of a 'myth tv' come media centre type system. The topfield pvr box
> looks very nice but I don't think its feature set is going to do what I
> want. (I want to dump the footage to DVD or VCD for smaller postage
> size. Plus the topfield only has usb for pulling footage off of the
> device when I have a perfectly good wired network).
> Anyhow, I know a couple of people here have played with mythtv so I was
> wondering what kind of spec box you would put together (I'm particularly
> interested in quiet cases plus a digital tv card known to work with myth
> tv).
> Hope someone out there might be able to help.
> Michael Hunt
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