[plug] google going down the googler?

Steve Boak sboak at westnet.com.au
Tue Dec 13 09:28:55 WST 2005

On Mon, 12 Dec 2005 11:01 pm, Nathan D wrote:
>  The same search gave me the results as -
> 'Results *1* - *20* of about *194* *English* pages for *exim4
> listenonpublic *. (*0.70* seconds) '

Yes, same for me, but if you page down, only 57 are displayed.

> I do have preferences saved for google, but the only option I believe that
> I have changed is to give English results only.  Do you get the same
> results from a different browser or computer, or a different domain i.e.
> google.comvs google.com.au ?

Setting English only results made no difference.

Tried google.com, but immediately got bumped to google.com.au :-(

Haven't tried a different computer/browser yet, but wouldn't expect that to 
make much difference. Currently using Debian Testing, Firefox 1.07.

>> And is anyone else getting the feeling it's time to find a new search
>> engine?
> I generally find that trial and error with more specific or conversely,
> more general search terms usually bring the results that I am after.

Me too - but my *feeling* is that it is getting harder to find useful results 
than it used to be.

> http://www.googleguide.com or other results from searching for 'exclude
> particular file types from google search' might help, that is, if google
> works good enough to give some helpful result?

I've read the above guide, and ended up with the search phrase 

exim4 listenonpublic -filetype:gz -filetype:diff

which gets rid of most of the crud.

Couldn't find any way to permanently append "-filetype:gz -filetype:diff" to 
all my searches though.

Thanks for your help Nathan.


> regards,
>   Nathan D.

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