[plug] RE: plug Digest, Vol 22, Issue 13

G.Chester gc at gwchester.com
Tue Dec 13 13:21:04 WST 2005

 - snipped reams and reams of repeated stuff -

Hi guys and gals,

I've been off-list for a couple of months and have recently re-subscribed,
but to the digest this time.

(whinge alert)  In the time of my absence from the list, it seems that most
have forgotten where the 'Delete' key is because I was overwhelmed by how
much unnecessary crud is now being sent to clog my inbox in the form of
complete lack of judicious snipping of replies.  Come on people, get with
the program, please don't reply with the FULL content of the original post
and even with multiple copies of the footer.  Thanks.
(end whinge alert)

Wishing all Christians a Happy Christmas, and all us atheists and others a
happy holiday,


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