[plug] 2 ADSL Connections

Shannon Carver shannon.carver at p-s-t.com.au
Tue Dec 13 18:19:07 WST 2005

Hi guys,

This one has had me stumped for a few days now.  I have a linux (debian) 
router with two incoming 1.5/256 ADSL connections (from the same 
provider) feeding a wireless network of approximately 30 clients.  In 
the past, we've used a dual WAN router to "load balance" (I use that 
term loosely, as these routers don't do a particularly good job of load 
balancing), the internet load between both connections.  This time, I've 
decided to try it without the expensive dual WAN router, and do it just 
from the linux gateway/router itself.

I've got both net links connecting (ppp0 & ppp1) and traffic flows out 
(obviously) the connection which I set to be the default route.  My 
question is now, how can I utilise the other link?  My original 
intention was to simply balance according to the clients and servers.  
By this I mean, all server requests (mail incoming, web requests, ftp, 
etc etc) goes to one connection, and all clients on the network use the 
other.  However, if I set the default route to be the first connection, 
then the second is unreachable from outside, and vice versa.

Could anyone advise of the best way to address this problem?  I realise 
I can't bond the links together (at least not at this stage without ISP 
support), but I'd like to be able to manage both links to properly 
utilise both.  A few hours of googling, mainly turned out results about 
EQL, bonding links from ISP's and that sort of thing.

Any help is as always much appreciated.


Shannon Carver
Prestige Services & Technology

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