[plug] change settings and what to do

simon simon at chrome64.org
Wed Dec 14 12:48:47 WST 2005

David (davidatt at conceptual.net.au) wrote:

>                               PPPoE
> Username:
> davidatt at conceptual.net.au
> IP Address              N/A
> Default Gateway         N/A
> Primary DNS             N/A
> Secondary DNS           N/A
> System Uptime
> Model                   NB5 ADSL2+
> Serial Number           none
> Firmware Version        62.51.1-004
> Ethernet MAC address    00:30:0A:34:71:28
> DSL MAC address           00:30:0A:34:71:2a
> USB MAC address         00:30:0A:34:71:29
> NAT                     Enabled
> Firewall                Disabied
> LAN IP Address 
> DHCP                     Enabled
> Ethernet                 Connected
> USB                      Disconnected


Which ethernet device do you have the ADSL modem plugged into? eth1?


pppoe -I eth1 -A

and see if an access concentrator responds.

Also make sure that whatever eth device you are using for the modem doesnt
have an IP address assigned to it.

Simon Scott
simon at chrome64.org
mob: 0409113359

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