[plug] Gentoo latest emerge and now TINY fonts in xorg (NOW [OT])

Shannon Carver Shannon.Carver at P-S-T.COM.AU
Thu Dec 15 11:28:33 WST 2005

Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest, a 19" "Auriga" from almost 5
years ago, that I bought for the time for about $300.  Believe me, there
is nothing quality about this monitor at all apart from the fact it'll
do 1600x1200.

On this topic  (but off topic to this forum), does anyone know of any
laptop manufacturers apart from Dell who sell laptops with High def
screens for a reasonable price?  For as little as $200 on the standard
price you can get the 15.4" Dell monitor capable of 1920x1200 over the
bottom model which can only do 1024x768.

Yet I look around at other manufacturers and the standard monitor seems
to be 1024x768 across the board, with a few offering 1280x1024.

I demand screen real estate.  I don't mind if I need to squint to read
text :P


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Shannon Carver wrote:
> Just a quick follow up on this one:
> It appears to be the new NVIDIA drivers (8174) that are doing it:
> http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=61051&page=5
> Adding the below to my NVIDIA Device section:
>    Option   "UseEdidDpi"   "FALSE"

Most likely your monitor is buggy, then, and reports false dimensions to

the video card. Gotta love it. "Windows doesn't use this, so rather than

putting accurate info in we'll enter random garbage."

Craig Ringer
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