[plug] AMD64 Debian Box3N :D

Mike Holland myk.list at westnet.com.au
Wed Dec 21 14:08:39 WST 2005

Nick Bannon wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 16, 2005 at 06:02:10PM +0800, Mike Holland wrote:
>>What kind of app's benefit from that kind of cache size?

To answer my own question, there has been a massive increase in the 
speed difference between CPU and RAM. So cache hit ratios need to be
higher than in the past. CPUs now do a lot of speculative pre-fetching too.

>>My most cpu-loading task is video encoding, and increased cache over
>>128MB (sempr0n) makes no difference at all.

> That probably depends on the specifics of your encoder and encoding
> options - the motion estimation step is pretty demanding on your cache

I was just going by benchmarks I googled, to check if a larger cache was 
worthwhile. This seems to be one app that isn't demanding on cache.

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