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Bernd Felsche bernie at innovative.iinet.net.au
Sat Dec 24 08:17:52 WST 2005

"Jon  Miller" <jlmiller at mmtnetworks.com.au> writes:
>>>>> meyerri at westnet.com.au 4:06:27 pm 23/12/2005 >>>
>>On Fri, 2005-12-23 at 15:39 +0800, Jon Miller wrote:

>>> I've installed SUSE Enterprise Server 9, and would like to put on the
>>> latest kernel on, I believe the latest version for 2.6 is
>>> whereas the version on the server is 2.6.5-7.97-smp.  My question s
>>> should this be done via the distro app which probably not get me up to
>>> the latest version of can I do it manually by d/l the latest stable
>>> version.

>>Just one question - Why?

>>SLES (SuSE Linux Enterprise Server) is one of those products like
>>RHEL or Debian Stable. It is not meant to be "contaminated" by the
>>latest and possibly buggiest packages available. The theory is
>>that you run a set of packages which are only patched for security
>>holes, not for features.

there are also patches for things that are really broken. :-)

>>If problems are found and fixes are introduced into newer kernels,
>>the fixes will be backported into your kernel version. Which may
>>require you to have a SUSE support account.

>>If you want the latest, I suggest you move to SUSE 10.0

SuSE 10.0 should be generally stable in a month or so. :-)
It appears stable x86 generally but still spits the dummy on my
AMD64 laptop when "stressed".

>>You can download and recompile a new kernel - I just question
>>whether it's a good idea - since you're now going to have to keep
>>an eye on the kernel mailing list for problems, and actively patch
>>them ....

>>It's up to you - I just question the rationale of installing SLES
>>and then wanting the latest kernel whizzbangs ...

Indeed. IIRC, SLES supports iSCSI which provides another option for
interfacing to the LTO; by putting it in a special system running
the "latest" kernel (of a "free" distro) just for that purpose.
That, btw also provides the flexibility of using the LTO easily from
other Linux servers; as long as you have enough gigabit (TOE) NIC.


>>It has been reported that kernel version 2.6.8 or better handles
>>SCSI tape backups for LTO drives and better.  Where as the version
>>of the kernel that comes with Suse v9 is not up to that version by

It is somewhat surprising that you do have sporadic behaviour with
LTO... have you asked about this on the sles-e mailing list?

>>The version of the kernel recommended for the 2.4 kernel is v

I wouldn't build a new system based on a 2.4 kernel. I don't
particularly enjoy the disruption of system upgrades so the further
apart that they can be, the better.
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