[plug] rp-pppoe config help

collin at xorotude.com collin at xorotude.com
Fri Dec 30 13:14:40 WST 2005

>> I am going to try to setup my ADSL in bridge mode this weekend, using
>> rp-pppoe on a slackware 10.2 box. I wish to host my own domain and
>> therefore would like to not have to deal with NAT.
> "Dealing with" NAT isn't a real problem.  If you leave your ADSL box
> in router mode, you can port forward the required ports inside to the
> slackware box.  You may only need a short list: possibly only a subset
> of www, https, ssh and smtp.

I understand this, as I already do it for www and ssh. Postfix seems to
think it will have issues with NAT (unless specifically configured to know
about it) and I also want to set up voip with asterisk in the near future
and think it would also benefit from not having to go through NAT.

I don't have any issues at the moment with the current double NAT setup,
but I would like to bypass the ADSL router and have just one level of NAT
for my network, and a live public IP address on the gateway.


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