[plug] Device eth0 has different MAC address than expected, ignoring.

Rob Dunne rob.dunne at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 14:11:47 WST 2005

Hi Gavin,

Gavin Chester wrote:

> There was all sorts of confusion created with ethernet devices when
> upgrading kernels in the RH/FC line of Linux (other distros may also be
> affected).  This may be your problem, especially if you have more than
> one ethernet card or connection. 

  no -- just one card in the machine

> That is, between different versions
> the order of allocation of devices changed, i.e., what was previously
> eth0 became eth1 and vice-versa after upgrade.  Then, recently I believe
> it may have even reversed again.  
> This info is assuming an upgrade path that was something like
> RH9>FC1>FC3.  

>Making any of these jumps would see the eth addresses
> change.  Caused all sorts of drama with the K12LTSP crowd who install on
> a two-card ethernet setup.  They began with RH as their base distro and
> progressively upgraded to FC and people began bleating loudly until the
> issue was realised.
> Maybe you are seeing that as your problem?

dont know -- but it is fixed now (see other posting). Still it is nice 
to learn a bit more with every problem overcome.

Bye for now

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