[plug] Re: plug Digest, Vol 13, Issue 2

Joong Cho joongcho at westnet.com.au
Thu Mar 3 07:27:05 WST 2005

> sounds like /etc/resolv.conf to me
> maybe this is still a problem? (or was that a different machine?)
> try updating that, and check if bind/dns server running if thats
> running on this machine (I seem to remember that IP from a previous
> post).
> If you are concerned its bind (could be a config issue) try:
> scorpion:~# /etc/init.d/bind9 restart
> (to restart bind9 substitute bind if bind 8 or sub. whatever dns
> server you are using)
> scorpion:~# tail /var/log/daemon.log
> (will show you output from the daemon, and give you some idea of what
> is going wrong)
> If Bind was the problem, and it starts normally you will need to add a
> symlink to it for startup scripts. (I seem to remember a debian
> package called rcconf or similar, or just simlink dns servername to
> /etc/rc2.d ie scorpion:/etc/rc2.d# ln -s ../init.d/bind9 S15bind9)
> make sure bind is in /etc/host.conf
> make sure /etc/resolv.conf has correct name servers.
> let us know after testing these.

Is that ../init.d/bind9 meant to be in all of the rc#.d directories?

I have tried changing the resolv.conf file but nothing seemed to work. bind 
is active on the /etc/host.conf file.

Also, under Applications > System Tools > Networking > Connections > 
Ethernet LAN card eth0 properties am I meant to choose Manual, 
Automatic(DHCP) or Automatic(BOOTP) and is the Activate when the computer 
starts meant to be checked.

How do I change the broadcast and mask profile in ifconfig file?


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