[plug] Nero launches a version for Linux.

Alex Nordstrom lx at se.linux.org
Thu Mar 24 16:18:24 WST 2005

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005 11:47, Ian Kent wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Mar 2005, Kev wrote:
> > Onno Benschop wrote: 
> I get a little confused with the "free software chant" as the GPL is
> meant to ensure "access to source to foster continued development".
> The fact that you don't pay for the software is a great side effect
> but I don't see why we should shun other software because it's not
> GPL.

There are many reasons why Free software is better than freeware, but 
that's outside the scope of this discussion. Forget free as in free 
speech, the issue is that--contrary to Ahead's marketing--the Linux 
version of Nero is not free as in free beer, for any reasonable 
definition of free beer.

> > What I don't like is the trumpet blowing about NeroLinux being free
> > when it quite clearly isn't.
> But Ahead didn't have to offer it as a no-charge add-on!
> They didn't even have to develop a Linux product!

The add-on is not free. The Linux porting effort is subsidised by the 
licenses sold for the MS Windows version. Any other claims are clearly 

In fact, the tautological advertising device of promising a "free gift" 
contingent on the purchase of a given item is considered false 
advertising in some jurisdictions.

A more up-front announcement would be perhaps be "free for existing 
customers" and/or advertising licenses for a piece of software that's 
"compatible with MS Windows and Linux".

The fact that no one forced them to make a Linux port or to offer a dual 
platform license does not exempt them from such expectations of 

> They have as much right to play in the Linux market as any and have
> the right to choose their business model as they see fit. If people
> choose not to use their products because of their choice of model
> then that's the way it goes.

Either you're stating the obvious for no apparent reason here, or I must 
have missed the part where someone argued that Ahead should be slapped 
with an injunction to cease developing software for Linux.

Alex Nordstrom
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