[plug] [OT] ADSL line filter for Uniden cordless phone

Arie Hol arie99 at ozemail.com.au
Tue Mar 29 20:01:01 WST 2005

On 29 Mar 2005 at 19:16, Chris Caston wrote:

> Hello,
> A customer's adsl drops out and it is assumed to be because of their
> cordless phone and not having the right line filter.
> Their ISP suggested a Digitor F2866. Anyone know where to get these or a
> similar line filter that will stop their adsl from dropping out?

Hello Chris,

I would suggest that they either have no filter, or they have a dead filter.

Maybe even plugged in back to front !!!

I recently posted the following message about ADSL filters, if your customer is having problems 
that appear to be caused by ADSL filters - I can recommend the following hardware. 

If filters are causing the problem this device when installed will provide an excellent solution.

This unit is intended for a hardwired installation, all connections are by IDC and allows you to 
eliminate all plug-in type splitters and filters in a domestic situation.

The unit is manufactured by C10 Communications - Model number C10100 - for more info goto :


Availability in Perth :

I got mine from Lawrence & Hanson, 80 McKoy Street, Myaree :

email :		l&hmyaree at hagermeyerau.com

ADSL Remote Splitter/Filter - 
Model - C10100E 
Part Number - COMC10100EC-BU
Current Price 	$21.00 Exc GST.

Lawrence & Hanson also have a store in the northern suburbs, they have seven of the Remote 
splitters left in stock.

If they need to order more - there is a minimum wholesale order amount of ten units applicable to 
this item - and I think the price on newer items is approx $29.00 exc GST.


Regards Arie
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