[plug] [OT] ADSL line filter for Uniden cordless phone

Daniel Pearson gpearson at iinet.net.au
Wed Mar 30 07:52:56 WST 2005

Quoting Chris Caston <caston at arach.net.au>:

> Hello,
> A customer's adsl drops out and it is assumed to be because of their
> cordless phone and not having the right line filter.
> Their ISP suggested a Digitor F2866. Anyone know where to get these or a
> similar line filter that will stop their adsl from dropping out?
> regards,
> Chris
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Can you confirm it definitely is that phone / point? If that point is totally
disconnected, does it still drop out? The only reason I ask this, is because I
had a client with a similar problem.. who went out and bought new filters, etc.
only to later find that it kept dropping out because they were actually too far
from the exchange and never should have been given ADSL in the first place :)

Daniel Pearson

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