[plug] cannot access a certain web page

Jon L. miller jlmiller at mmtnetworks.com.au
Thu Mar 31 19:04:39 WST 2005

Client browser has a default home page set to their own web server.
They can access any web page they've setup (they have 8 domains) that
they are using through the same web server.  One of the pages is for
their Japanese clients.  So they have a website registered as www.abc.jp
this is pointing to a directory on the web server (/var/www/jpdocs/).
>From a remote location if one was to type in the url of www.abc.jp it
works.  However, from the internal LAN if any of the users try to access
it, it will bring up the default home page as
www.abc.com.au/endocs/index.php.  Whereas the default home page comes up
as www.abc.com.au .  Any idea what is the problem?  The web server is a
debian server, this happens using both IE6 and FireFox web browsers.
In the httpd.conf file the entry is:

    ServerName www.abc.jp
    ServerAdmin webmaster at abc.com.au
    DocumentRoot /var/www/jpdocs/

Appreciate any help

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