[plug] anyone here REALLY good with GIMP?

Senectus . senectus at gmail.com
Sun May 8 14:10:08 WST 2005

On 5/8/05, Alex Nordstrom <lx at se.linux.org> wrote:
> > Thats all well and good but the image I was making was a Corporate
> > Wallpaper for a XP environment..
> > I very much doubt that XP will allow SVG wallpaper :-P
> So do your work in a format suitable for editing and then export it to a
> format suitable for distribution. That is, work with the Gimp's own
> file format and keep text in its own layer so that it can be edited, or
> use a vector graphics programme if appropriate.
> Not retaining a copy that you can edit as freely as when you first
> created it is a bit like throwing away the source code every time you
> compile a program. Actually, it's exactly like that.

Yeah I understand the why, it's just the how.. :-P
I've never really understood how to use "layers" even though I wish I
did because I understand enough about layers to know I'm crippling
myself by not using the.

Of course it doesn't help that they only had the logo in .jpg the
slogan was in .bmp and done in a custom font that they don't seem to
have a copy of :-P

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