[plug] System Restore CD

Senectus . senectus at gmail.com
Wed May 11 08:47:09 WST 2005


This and a little scripting magic you should be able to make a
bootable CD(RW?) with this image on it.
Wont be much good to him if the PC itself dies, and replaces it with a
vastly different hardware spec machine.
I've used this tool before when I upgraded from an 80 gig drive to a
200 gig drive.. works quickly and without many complications.

Other than that I'd recommend maybe swapping the current build for a
distro with better support for such things..
Clarkconnect has an inbuilt backup system, and the install process
takes about 30 mins from their CD. It's so easy that a complete twit
could do it, especially if they had a printout step by step

I believe SMEserver (e-smith) was good for this as well. http://contribs.org :

Ubuntu Hoary 5.04 
Our OS who art in CPU, LINUX be thy name. Thy programs run, thy
syscalls done, In kernel as it is in user!

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