[plug] doorbell

Gavin Chester gavinchester1 at hotmail.com
Thu May 26 10:12:43 WST 2005

On Thu, 2005-05-26 at 07:19 +0800, Rob Davies wrote:
> Yes, a wonderful idea the wireles doorbell, got it. But, the
> original  
> request mentioned he could not hear doorbell with headphones on and  
> blasting his ear drums into early retirement.

_My_ original post mentioned that the receiver is SO load you'd hear it
"above all except a jackhammer"  

>  So, a flashing light  
> works a treat in this scenario,

... and the one I picked up for my ageing Mum has a flashing LED on it,
too.  So, place (such an all too easy solution) in front of you, on or
near your monitor and you're laughing.

Just had a thought to satisfy you geeks who can't stand easy, non-DIY
Use the wireless receiver of the doorbell, as I suggested, and tap into
the wires going to the speaker in it.  Solder a couple of alligator
clips on the end of flying leads in parallel to the speaker.  Clip one
on each ear lobe, nipple or testicle and you'll be ??laughing?? when the
bell rings.  Tell us your address and I'll come over each day to say
hello and hear how delighted you are to see me ;-)  

>  and I even have phone in studio  
> working of a flashing light. Not that I answer it, but at least I  
> know someone rang.

Nice to know someone cared enough to call and be ignored.  I wouldn't

	;-) :-) ;-)

(again, as before, takes tongue out of cheek)


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