[plug] Query - Best Distro for Enterprise Web and Proxy Server

simon simon at plumtek.com
Thu May 26 13:27:53 WST 2005

Peter T Spicer-Wensley (petersw at svshs.wa.edu.au) wrote:
> Peace, Pluggers! 'Lo Leon,
> My query is this: I have been running with RedHat for ten years now but
> want the Enterprise level of security and stability without the cost.
> (Don't we all.)

I smell a distro-war :)

At the end of the day - linux is linux. I wouldnt say any particular distro
was better suited than any other for these tasks (just about the most common
use of linux in the small enterprise from what Ive seen).

Its all personal preference - I use and recommend Mandriva (Mandrake) for its
ease of setup and ability to remove unwanted cruft - but Im sure someone will
respond that Debian is just as easy :)

Coming from RH tho, perhaps you should try Fedora or perhaps Mandriva - Fedora
is based on RH, and Mandriva is a very similar RPM based deal.

Hardcore guys will probably tell you to roll your own from source. Ignore
those guys, they have too much time :)

No matter which distro you choose, youll end up with the kernel, a bunch of
utilities (bash, gzip, tar etc), some sort of packaging system, apache and
squid. After youve installed and configured, its pretty much a moot point
which distro was used.

Simon Scott
simon at plumtek.com
mob: 0409113359

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