[plug] Query - Best Distro for Enterprise Web and Proxy Server

Quintin Lette qlette at gmail.com
Fri May 27 07:01:14 WST 2005

> > I have seen CentOS 4 and it looks like RH enterprise without the
> > pricetag (or support) but my CentOS 4 isos wouldn't download & burn
> > cleanly - is there anywhere in Perth I could BUY the 4 CDs of
> > CentOS 4? How much IS Redhat Enterprise for Education anyway???

According to http://www.redhat.com/solutions/industries/education/indiv/
RHEL for education is only $50 (USD) for a 1 year subscription (you
can use WS, AS, ES editions, but you'll find the subscription only
covers 1 pc or server)

Im not endorsing it, I used WS in my previous job and wasn't 100%
impressed (I prefer SuSE and debian, and use debian in my current
job).. just answering the question asked.

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