[plug] Query - Best Distro for Enterprise Web and Proxy Server

Ben Jensz plug at jensz.id.au
Thu May 26 13:27:29 WST 2005

Have a look at Whitebox Linux.  I'd personally try 3 first, as 4 has 
only just been released and is a little buggy from my testing of it.

/ Ben

Peter T Spicer-Wensley wrote:

> Peace, Pluggers! 'Lo Leon,
> My query is this: I have been running with RedHat for ten years now 
> but want the Enterprise level of security and stability without the 
> cost. (Don't we all.)
> I have seen CentOS 4 and it looks like RH enterprise without the 
> pricetag (or support) but my CentOS 4 isos wouldn't download & burn 
> cleanly - is there anywhere in Perth I could BUY the 4 CDs of CentOS 4?

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