[plug] Discerning minds

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Fri May 27 17:06:46 WST 2005

Daniel J. Axtens wrote:

> Futhermore, it's almost everywhere (except spark.plug.org.au: I've
> been meaning to complain about that, considering it is listed on the
> top 10 commands.)

Fixed.  See, complaining loudly works sometimes :-)  Interestingly,
spark had pico installed, but it segfaulted when you try to use it, so
it's gone now.  (Also because the Debian nano package conflicts with
pico.)  I also installed slrn, which was on the "top 20 commands" list
but not installed.

BTW if you want a nice emacs-ish editor without the disc or memory
footprint, jed is worth looking at.  I used it for quite a while under
DOS on a 486 with 8mb RAM.  It started in about the same time that vim
does on my 1.5GHz laptop.  Syntax highlighting, friendly menus, all
sorts of nifty stuff.  The "slang" text mode display library used in
mutt, slrn and many others originated as part of jed.

I've never really been a fan of graphical editors... if the xedit that
you mentioned is the one that I'm thinking of (comes with X11R6 and
uses those ugly Xaw widgets), then... ewwww! ;-)


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