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Peter T Spicer-Wensley petersw at svshs.wa.edu.au
Mon May 30 09:22:53 WST 2005

Peace, Pluggers!

> tenzero at iinet.net.au <mailto:tenzero at iinet.net.au>  Said:

>Hi pluggers.

>I am in the market for a cheap (student kind of cheap) monochrome laser

>I am seeking feedback / impressions from fellow pluggers.

>My main needs are:

>well behaved with linux.

>ethernet support built in if possible.

>good toner cartridge longevity.

> low price.

I recently bought 20 Dell 1700N Laser Printers for my school (Swan View

These have some good features for Linux:

Built-in WebServer and SNMP setup. With really extensive reporting and
configuration (they send me an email when they run out of paper or toner
or if they get a paper jam). You configure it from a web browser after
printing out its setup to get it's IP (which it gets by DHCP) and then
you can assign it a permanent IP, mask, gateway, Name, Contact,
timezone, timeserver etc etc details.

Drivers: has documented support for: SuSE Linux 7.2, SuSE Linux 7.3,
SuSE Linux 8.0, Red Hat Linux 7.2, Red Hat Linux 7.3, Red Hat Linux 8.0,
(it's a rebadged Lexmark laser printer which have good Linux support in
my experience.) It doesn't claim Mac compatibility but it works fine
with our Mac OS X laptops using generic drivers though I daresay I could
find the Lexmark driver to match if I could be bothered. (If it ain't
broke - why fix it?)

Built in 10/100 TX Networking by default. USB and Parallel ports are
there as well.

Fast 25 PPM engine that delivers at least that.

Clear 1200 dpi prints. FAST PDF printing - much faster than anything
else I've seen. 200MHz 32MB RAM unit. Fast first page out.

Low cost for the build quality. ($296 ex GST each 'cos I bought 20 and
they were having a special last December when they were ordered.)

RRP $429 inc GST. (www.dell.com.au)

Lowish running costs: You get 3000 pages plus (about 3200) for your
included toner cartridge - it's not a half-cartridge like some.

 Exchange Standard 3000 page toner cartridge for $110 (3.7 c /sheet  -
fairly average )

 Exchange Value 6000 page toner cartridge for $145 (2.4 c /sheet - below

Drum replacement after 300,000 sheets about $100

You can replace the standard 250 sheet feeder with 550 sheet feeder
about $150.

Good Postscript and PCL 5 and 6 support.

Lots of options.

Well worth looking at. I'm glad we went with them as our default
networked laser printer. Other options were MUCH more expensive with
higher running costs.

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