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Morning All,

On 30/05/2005, at 8:53 AM, Craig Foster wrote:

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>> we have a brother hl-1430 that works great in Linux
>> cost was $200ish at officeworks
>> does 14pages /minute and haven't had a problem yet.
>> Installation was simple and SuSE 9.2 had the ppd.
>> I don't know about toner life, we are still on the first
>> toner, and although it doesn't have ethernet we just share it
>> off one of the pcs (with cups)
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> Noooooo!!!!
> Brother OPC (developer) drums have the thinnest coating EVER!!
> The green OPC coating wears off way to quick and usually leaves a dark
> band of toner down one side of the page. Toner is cheap, but the
> developer kit isn't.  Kyocera drums are hardened - that's part of  
> their
> product differentiation for advertising purposes.

Now for a printer that only cost me $219 from Officeworks in October  
last year the added benefit of not parting with huge amounts of cash  
each time toner needs changing, and a complete drum cheaper than most.

Toner cartridges replacement for Brother current HL1430 about $70 for  
3000 pages and $98 for 6000 pages. Drums are $197 with a 20000 page  
life cycle. Printer $200 ????

> A Kyocera FS-1010N at site I managed, does 3000 pages a month, and  
> only
> requires a yearly service. I doubt the Brother would even come  
> close to coping.

Our HL1430 runs at about 2000 a month, replaced cartridge with 6000 3  
times now in last 7 months and still running without a problem or  
service required with exception of a CUPS software glitch a couple of  
months back.

It was only purchased as a short term replacement for our industrial  
strength Laser for which it is now our industrial strength. Hence, I  
have 2 more in cupboard for replacement when it does require service  
outside of warranty.

So, $513 total thus far, and still working after 17500 pages with at  
least another 5000 pages left  I would think this is a fairly solid  
performance and a cost effective one.

For a SOHO situation it can achieve more than required or expected.

> (Their two Kyocera FS-3800N printers both do 5000 pages a month. Gotta
> love the paper-loving insurance industry :P )

And the cost is?????


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