[plug] Rackmount gear, GMail invites

Shannon Carver Shannon.Carver at P-S-T.COM.AU
Fri Nov 4 13:47:00 WST 2005

Completely dependant on the equipment that's being installed...  We have
a cabinet which has heat problems with big extraction fans in the top
(Its in a non air-conned room), The server that does most of the of the
work, we've left 2RU either side of it to improve air flow, and placed
it close to the top, in the hope that its heat production goes straight
out the top of the cabinet.. Its worked through two summers so far so
we're happy with it.


On the other hand, the 42RU cabinet we've got here at the office, we've
got out krone panels and pbx phone system in the same rack, because they
take up a fair amount of space (purely Vertical RU wise) we've placed
them up the top of the cabinet near the switches and router, and all the
servers (6 x 4RU cases) are placed at the bottom going upwards, from top
priority down to bottom (depending on ones that need the most access),
in this case the tape backup machine/file server.


Really its situation permitting.  If you were worried about heat
production and ducting and the case wasn't going to be filled you could
place all servers at least 1RU apart... Leave the doors off maybe?? :P



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When putting a rack in, and slotting in the cases, etc are there certain
ways of building that should be followed? i.e. need for cooling, etc

Or is it simply a matter of just slotting things into the rack and
you're done....

Cheers; Dan

simon wrote: 

Leon Brooks (leon at cyberknights.com.au) wrote:

	Navada sell an ATX 4RU case for $226 retail inc GST (no PSU):
	They also sell a 2RU (no PSU) for $236 retail inc GST:

Thanks for those leon. I managed to score myself a rack, so Ill pick a
of these up.
The difficult part will be trying to rack mount an amiga 3000 - maybe
Ill just
build a shelf :)
Simon Scott
simon at chrome64.org
mob: 0409113359
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