[plug] Transport to event tonight

Daniel J. Axtens danielax at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 12:12:18 WST 2005

> Does anyone have any suggestions on the easiest way to get to the VoIP
> event tonight (from West Perth) for a newbie to Perth?
> I don't have a car so bus, train, taxi, walk...

The transperth website gives this for getting from West Perth to the
open source center:


If you want to refine that: i.e. specify from where in west perth, try
the journey planner at

The map at http://www.opensource.wa.gov.au/demo_centre/Map/image_view
might help too.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Axtens
Neuronstorm: neuronstorm.sourceforge.net
The Neuronstorm Blog: leinad-golb.blogspot.com

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