[plug] Opensource groupware STILL SUCKS!

Mr Shayne shayne at guild.murdoch.edu.au
Tue Nov 8 17:33:20 WST 2005

None of which addresses the fact there is NO viable open source 
client based groupware for a windows pc.

I mean what does one do. Say to a client "Cant be done". Its times like 
that when advocating open source *really sucks*.

Its not a case of FOSS "client based groupware" on windows sucking. It 
doesnt actually exist! I mean yeah, one day Aethera will be finished, 
but its been years...

Freedom's just another word for something new to regulate

On Tue, 8 Nov 2005, simon wrote:

> Alex Nordstrom (lx at se.linux.org) wrote:
>> Tuesday, 8 November 2005 16:27, Mr Shayne wrote:
>>> And keeping in mind there are *NO* viable open source alternatives to
>>> outlook on windows. I'm assuming we are all briefed on the trials and
>>> tribulations of trying to convince a completely unwilling staff to
>>> move to linux desktops.
>> So start deducting the cost of downtime and license fees incurred by
>> using proprietary software from the paychecks of the unwilling and
>> watch them change their minds.
> Im not fully understanding the problem I think...... it appears to be
> something like:
> MS: All opensource groupware sucks
> me: Then dont use it
> MS: But I want to use it!
> me: why? it sucks! Use Outlook/Exchange or something
> MS: but its not opensource!
> me: and?
> MS: Its too expensive
> me: then use something free that doesnt work.....
> MS: But I want something free that works
> me: didnt we already cover this?
> :D
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