[plug] Bloody Telstra

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Wed Nov 16 09:49:10 WST 2005

On Tuesday 15 November 2005 11:04, David Dartnall wrote:
> How can we get away from Telstra?

For services where other providers just don't have the reach or 
whatever, you can at least use Telstra through a proxy. We use Southern 
Cross Telco, who resell T services for less. That saves you money up 
front, and means that less of what you do pay goes to T, but also gives 
you access to stuff like better mobile coverage than Vodaphone, Optus 
etc, most of which T are able to offer in large part due to being a 
monopoly. Not that the other big rpoviders play fair either, it should 
be noted.

Sorry for the lack of Linux content. One thing you can do in your own 
neighbourhood is a wireless router in the roof and VoIP for chatting 
between neighbours. Roughly 250 calls, maybe two years depending on who 
you talk to, pays for your equipment.

You may also be able to route data traffic and VoIP calls for your 
neighbours. Asterix is great for this, and modern 8x1 megabit ADSL can 
carry a fair few calls at once. If you get a $60-a-month ADSL account 
and share it between 5 households, the savings on a dialup or ISDN 
account apiece pays for six wireless routers very, very quickly.

Cheers; Leon

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