[plug] cannot boot server

Shannon Carver Shannon.Carver at P-S-T.COM.AU
Wed Nov 16 12:49:15 WST 2005

When you say it only gets to LI, do you mean LILO starts and that's all
you see on the screen?

That'd would usually be caused by an unbootable device or from a device
not being online, I think.  Get a live disc/rescue disk, and boot to
shell, and just make sure that the boot device is ok, which it sounds
like you've already done.

If so, review your lilo.conf, an lilo -c /etc/lilo.conf /dev/hda where
/dev/hda is your boot device.

Note however, be careful with this if there are other OS's that may be
managing the booting for you, as you might mess something up.

As usual, if I'm way off course here, sorry!


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I have a Debian server (woody) that cannot boot completely (only gets up
to LI).
We had a UPS failure this morning and all servers came down.  On reboot
all went up except this one, which happens to be the mail NS for
customers.  Our backup is up and running.
Like to know how do I fix this?  I can access the partitions /dev/hda1
and /dev/hda3 (states /dev/hda2 may be a swap partition) all files look
okay on the other partitions.
What do I need to do next. 

I've noticed that my emails are bouncing back stating "access denied".


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