[plug] Bloody Telstra

Alex Polglaze apolglaze at book-keepingnetwork.com.au
Wed Nov 16 13:59:20 WST 2005

Senectus . wrote:
> On 11/16/05, Alex Polglaze <apolglaze at book-keepingnetwork.com.au> wrote:
>>He said that we would never get fibre optic here as Telstra had basically stopped rolling
>>it out and everything would be going wireless.
> Bwahahaha pipe dream :-P
> Though they're saying now that over the next 12/18 months they will be
> replacing 1:1 CDMA towers with 3G (and later 4G), I bet that will go a
> long long way to giving broadband to the bush...

You may be right, but I live in Stirling, 8kms from the centre of Perth.


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