[plug] OT - but only a little, cygintl-2.dll not found

James L. Clarke jamesc at global.net.au
Thu Nov 17 21:27:35 WST 2005

You could try DJGPP:- http://www.delorie.com/djgpp/ it's a DOS port of the GPP
C++ compiler plus it comes with a lot of the gnu programs including bash. I
started using it about 7 ago, back then I had moved from a job programming on a
Solaris box (Sun Workstation, programmers heaven), to a job programming on a
Windows 95 (programmers hell, well 3.1 was even worse to develop on!) box so it
came in handy to have the Unix tool kit at my disposal. I've stopped using it
now because I run when I really want to Unix type development, I find now when I
developing on a Windows XP box, that gvim and perl are the only Unix type tools
I need, if I have those I can work reasonably productively on Windows (apart
from the usual application crashes on Word, Excel, Visual Studio, etc!!! At
least with XP application crashes don't usually take down the whole machine like
what used to happen in 95). It includes a lot of programs, like grep, gawk,
perl, ls, etc. It is also FOSS (Free Open Source Software). A friend of mine is
still using it at work to run Unix shell programs on windows.



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